I am unique and so is my mental health

We are unique just like our fingerprints, everyone has a unique identity.

As we go through the day, take on varying roles or transit into different stages of life, we navigate each phase based on our own experience and knowledge.

Want to discover new accessible ways of meeting your needs? In finding the ones that best suit you, keep in mind that you are not alone in this mental wellness journey.


I am responsible for my own mental health

The first line of defense against mental health conditions is ourselves.

Learn how to detect the warning signs. Do not let them fester. Talk to someone who has been supporting you or a professional versed in mental health matters.

Taking care of our mental health is similar to a fitness regime, it is an ongoing process. Practice long-term acts of self-care for long-lasting results.


I must learn positive coping mechanism to sustain my mental health

Finding the right coping mechanism takes time and patience. The appropriate ones can have lasting positive impact to how you feel.

Replace negative thoughts with a positive mindset. As we reframe our thinking towards seemingly undesired situations, we learn to gradually move on by seeing the “lows” in new light, perhaps even positively.


I must overcome negative emotions as it is good for my mental health

Negative emotions are part and parcel of life. They are messengers that cause us to reflect negatively upon our life circumstances. However, if the negative emotions go unmanaged for a long period of time, they can adversely impact our lives.

Accept your negative emotions, identify the messages they are sending you and respond in a healthy and helpful manner. Focus on what you can control in a difficult situation, and take actions to release your distresses.


I want to be an active member of the community so there is mutual support for mental health

Community is not just an entity or a group of people, it’s a feeling. It is feeling connected to others, feeling accepted for who you are and feeling supported. Being connected with the community help us feel loved. Support from the community builds confidence and hope for recovery.

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