Support Our Work With Your Giving

As a Social Service Agency, the services of Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS) are made possible with the generous giving of our donors. While our work is partially subsidised by government grants and subsidies, we rely heavily on charitable donations to sustain and expand our services for the underserved. Thank you for making an impact by supporting our services through your giving.


SACS is an Institution of a Public Character. Donation of S$50 or more may be eligible for 250% tax deduction. To qualify for tax deduction, please provide your full name and NRIC/FIN/UEN number. Tax deduction will automatically be reflected in your annual tax assessment, unless otherwise indicated.


Receipts will only be mailed to you for donation of S$500 and above. For other donations, receipts will be mailed to you upon request.


All donors who donate S$1,000 or more are acknowledged in the SACS Annual Report, unless otherwise indicated.


For enquiries and feedback about donating to SACS (and its community services) and/or the collection, use, disclosure or retention of your personal data as donors, please email