Recovery is possible

Persons with mental health conditions can get better. Treatment and recovery are ongoing processes that happen over time. They can experience relief from their symptoms, strive to achieve their full potential and live a satisfying life along their recovery journey.


Hope is an important part of recovery from mental health conditions

Hope underpins the recovery journey. It motivates and propels one to push ahead during rough patches.

Hope is the key to resilience, and courage to adjust, try and improve amidst challenges. A better quality of life is both possible and achievable for persons with mental health conditions.


Persons in recovery can overcome challenges of mental health conditions and lead satisfying and productive lives

Recovery is about progression, not perfection.

With early and consistent treatment, right support and fitting self-care techniques, persons with mental health conditions can manage their conditions, rise above the obstacles, and lead meaningful, productive lives.

There is no challenge too great, and no success too small. Step by step, persons with mental health conditions can be overcomers too!


Treatment, case management and psychological rehabilitation facilitate recovery

The journey to recovery may have ups and downs, it may take time, but positive changes can happen along the way.

Recovery is not only about relieving the symptoms, but also building a life that is satisfying, fulfilling and enjoyable. Treatment, case management and psychological rehabilitation work hand in hand together to deliver a holistic recovery care plan.

With hope as the catalyst, recovery is possible – recovery that can provide one with a sense of meaning to life, a positive self-image, an ability to establish meaningful relationships, and the capacity to live independently. 


Recovery is a cooperative effort with family members and community support

Our family and friends are some of our strong pillars of support, especially in challenging time. Knowing that we can run to them for support and comfort in both times of joy and challenges, forms a strong protective shield when we go through the valleys.

Support from the community is another key cornerstone that helps in the recovery journey. Community-based mental health services, peer support groups, social inclusions are some keys that make the road to recovery a smoother one.

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