52-year-old Hee Meng used to run a business with multiple stores in different parts of Singapore. However, Hee Ming was dealt with a sudden blow when his business went downhill and folded. It was a tremendous setback which eroded his self-esteem and confidence. He saw himself as a failure and remained unemployed for many years. Succumbing to these negative thoughts continually, he was subsequently diagnosed with Schizophrenia which led him to a three-year stay at the Institute of Mental Health. In October 2018, Hee Meng was referred to Anglican Care Centre (ACC) (Hougang) for psychiatric residential rehabilitation.

At ACC (Hougang), Hee Meng received vocational training as part of his rehabilitation, to help him re-enter the workforce. His Employment Specialist assisted him in his employment process through services such as job matching and individual placement. Hee Ming was motivated and started to pick up new skills to improve himself. With support from the centre as well as his positive attitude and outlook on life, Hee Meng successfully transited from vocational training to part-time employment as a dish collector. Now, Hee Meng is working full-time as a store assistant in a supermarket, where he has built new bonds with his colleagues and interacts well with them. His employer even gave positive feedback, complimenting Hee Meng on his diligence and excellent performance at work.

Through the case management, counselling, and psychoeducation sessions with his rehabilitation counsellor, Hee Meng has grown to become a motivated and driven individual who strives hard towards his rehabilitation goals. He has established good rapport with members and staff of ACC (Hougang), working well with them throughout his recovery journey. Despite his initial diagnosis and setbacks in life, Hee Meng has regained confidence and is looking forward to being financially independent. He aims to purchase a two-room HDB flat and reintegrate into the community eventually.