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Each product we create and sell is handmade by our clients who may be people recovering from psychiatric disabilities or disadvantaged women. Our well designed products reflect our local cultures and rich heritage. Through strict quality control, we ensure that all our products are well made; a testimony to the hard work and abilities of our clients.

When you purchase our products, you are helping our clients as part of the payment will go to supporting our work and the client who made it. This enables our clients to grow in confidence and self-worth knowing that their efforts are valued.

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Donate to Us

We welcome donations of cloth and clothes; denim, silk, batik and cotton, to create new products. We also welcome cash donations. If you have any questions about donations, please send us an email at admin@sacs.org.sg

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Call us at 6812 0880/6812 0878 or email ruth_loke@sacs.org.sg

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