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Anglican Family Centre

Set up in 1986, Anglican Family Centre (formerly known as Singapore Anglican Community Services Family Care Centre) provides temporary and safe accommodation and supportive service to persons experiencing family violence, and to empower them with healing and hope to re-integrate into community.

The Centre is more than a shelter. It has multi-faceted programmes that look into the client’s psychological, social and financial needs. The Centre aims to rehabilitate and empower our clients, so that they will be able to choose a life for themselves and their children that is free of violence, fear and oppression. We assist in the emotional and psychological healing of the women and children, and prepare the women for violence-free lives once they leave the Centre. We also strive to equip each client with essential skills that will increase their confidence to succeed in their various roles and responsibilities.

Residential Care

Housing is available for up to 100 persons. Accommodation is available for single women, mothers and children.

Counselling and Social Work Intervention

We recognise that the root causes of our residents’ problems are complex, and that they need professional help. Our staffs are trained to provide counselling and case management services to our residents.

Employment Support

In line with our aim to re-integrate our residents into society, we offer supportive services to assist unemployed mothers in our care to secure part-time or full-time employment to achieve financial independence and stability.


CITY Community Services

CITY Community Services, operated by St Andrew’s Cathedral under the umbrella of the Singapore Anglican Community Services, serve students in the primary schools. We work in partnership with schools and parents to help develop the character and potential of each child.

CITY stands for “Character In The Young”. Our mission is to build good character in school children, and to show Christian love by providing practical assistance to those in need. CITY promotes the welfare of children, regardless of race, nationality, religion or moral character.

CITY seeks to serve the community by meeting the needs of disadvantaged primary school children, including international students who live and study in Singapore away from their families. CITY serves by running Befrienders Clubs in schools, guiding students in completing their school assignments, visiting children at home, organising excursions, conducting workshops and enrichment programmes, and befriending children who are in need of love and caring mentors.