Psychiatric Services

We support people with mental health issues in their recovery journey.

Since 1986, the Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS), formerly the Singapore Anglican Welfare Council (SAWC), has focused attention on journeying with people with mental health issues. By counselling, equipping and restoring them, SACS helped to give them hope as they reintegrated into their communities to become contributing members of society.

Through the years, SACS has expanded its stable of psychiatric services to reach out to the underserved. Today, SACS is one of the leading and largest Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) in the mental health care service, serving about 2,000 persons with mental health issues (PMHI) annually.

SACS was the first Asian mental health organisation to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) in 2009 for our psychiatric services (case management, day and residential treatment, and community integration services). SACS attained the three-year accreditation for the third time in 2015.


Residential Rehabilitation Services
Short term residential care is provided for PMHI in a therapeutic environment to support their recovery process. Rehabilitation programmes are designed to develop their independent living skills and prepare them to reintegrate back to the community.

Available at Anglican Care Centres (Hougang & Simei).


Day Rehabilitation Services
A wide range of structured rehabilitation programmes are available to support PMHI in the recovery process through practical life skills training, and social and recreational activities. Professional case managers work closely with PMHI to achieve rehabilitation goals and recovery.

These programmes aim to help our members to:

• Understand their mental health conditions and manage their symptoms.

• Actively manage life choices, opportunities and treatment.

• Acquire vocational and social skills to prepare them for meaningful roles of their choice.

• Learn independent living skills and obtain adequate support in order to live successfully in the community.

• Access available resources in the community for their recovery.

• Achieve a holistic balance in the quality of their lives; social, financial, occupational, educational & spiritual.

Available at Anglican Care Centres (Hougang, Simei, Bukit Batok, Pasir Ris & Yishun).





Community Rehabilitation and Support Services (CRSS)

Counselling, training and support services are made accessible to PMHI and caregivers at their place of residence through CRSS mobile teams of professionals. Day rehabilitation services, support and information on mental health issues are available at the CRSS centres.

We also provides holistic support to individuals and families in the community who are at risk of or who may be affected by mental health issues. At the same time, the team aims to increase and improve public mental health literacy on the issues and needs of people affected by mental health conditions.

Available at Anglican Care Centres (Bukit Batok, Pasir Ris & Yishun).


Integrated Employment Services

SACS provides a wide range of employment services that help PMHI gain and sustain employment in the competitive job market:

• Employment Training Course (ETC)
A structure vocational training course designed to suit the interests of PMHI, and equip them with essential skills and knowledge to enter the workforce.

Employment Internship Programme (EIP)

Internship placement for PMHI where we provide onsite job coaching and collaborate with employers to design work function that utilises the strengths of PMHI and minimise stigmatisation at workplace.

 Employee Assistance Programme (EAP+)

Singapore Anglican Community Services launches Employee Assistance Programme (EAP+) to create a healthy and productive workplace. EAP+ aims to address emotional wellness and provides employees and staff with face-to-face counselling, access to email and a dedicated counselling hotline.

Click for more information on EAP+ 

 Employment Support Services (ESS)

Job matching and placement services for PMHI where sustainable employment goals are created to facilitate them transit back into the workforce. Job support is also provided for PMHI who are already in the workforce.

• Social Enterprise

On-the-job training in retail through our Social Enterprises that equips and empowers PMHI with employability skills to facilitate transition into the workforce.

Read the stories in “Our Footprints” – a collection of hope and inspiring journeys of recovery. It is not a lonesome battle for people with mental health issues. With a determined and willing heart, paired with not one, but many helping hands, makes their recovery, not just a hope but a reality.






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Senior Services

In the recent years, SACS was spurred on by our ethos and made in-roads to Senior Services to meet the prevailing need of the aging community in Singapore. We support, and actively engage the seniors to enrich their lives and help them age in place within the community.


Following the established work of PEACE-Connect Senior Activity Centre at Kampong Glam, it was appointed as a cluster operator in 2015. In the same year, Anglican Cluster Support and Senior Group Home at Jurong East were opened to enable needy seniors to age-in-place within the community. Anglican Senior Centres at Yishun, Jurong West and Hillview were new initiatives rolled out in 2016 to reach out and engage the seniors actively through various programmes at the centres.


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Cluster Support

Our team of trained case managers provide social support to seniors with little or no family support and assist them to age-in-place within the community though case managements, counselling and monitoring their well-being through home visitations. The case managers also work together with volunteers to provide emotional support by befriending and developing supportive relationship with the seniors. Healthcare services, such as daily visits to seniors to remind them to take their medication and accompanying them for their medical appointments, are integrated into the social support provided by the case managers and volunteers.


The Anglican Community Resource, Engagement and Support (CREST) Team reaches out to seniors at risk of/with mental health issues, such as dementia and depression, for early intervention. The team provides mental health information, basic emotional support and service linkage to the right healthcare and social assistance.

Available at Anglican Cluster Operator (Jurong East) and PEACE-Connect Cluster Operator.
Senior Group Home

The Senior Group Homes at Kampong Glam and Jurong East, managed by SACS, comprise 8 and 6 HDB rental units respectively. Each unit is shared by three seniors. The Homes promote ageing in place for frail seniors without family and living in HDB rental flats.


SACS Senior Group Homes provide assistance for frail seniors with little or no family support to age-in-place in HDB rental flats retrofitted with elderly-friendly features. Located at Kampong Glam and Jurong East, each home comprises of 8 and 6 HDD rental units respectively. Each unit will house 3 seniors.


Seniors are encouraged to provide mutual support to one another and to engage in social activities in the community. Support services and coordinated care, such as home care, meal delivery and medical appointments reminders, are provided by our trained case managers.

Available at Anglican Senior Group Home (Jurong East) and PEACE-Connect Cluster Operator.


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Senior Activity Centres

At SACS Senior Activity Centres, we create a community space for the elderly living in the different neighbourhood, where they can come together and engaged in various social-recreational activities, such as group exercise, art and craft and dancing.


Besides providing socio-recreational programmes and activities, basic support services such as befriending, manning emergency alert response calls during office hours and providing information and referral services are rendered to the seniors living in the Studio Apartments where the Centres are located. Through the Centres, seniors are actively engaged and enabled to age-in-place in the community.

Available at  Anglican Senior Centres (Yishun, Jurong West and Tampines) and PEACE-Connect Cluster Operator.



Senior Care Services

Anglican Senior Centre (Hillview) provides general and enhanced dementia day care, maintenance day care, and community rehabilitation for the elderly living in the neighbourhood since January 2018.

Day Care: Care for seniors while caregivers are at work. Includes social-recreational activities and exercises.

Dementia Day Care: Care for seniors, diagnosed with mild and/or moderate dementia. Includes a structured programme to improve seniors’ well-being and to support the caregivers.

Community Rehabilitation: Therapy for seniors recovering from stroke, hip fracture and other illnesses.

Transport service is available at separate charge. Government subsidies and financial assistance are available for eligible clients.

Available at  Anglican Senior Centre (Hillview)


Anglican Family Centre

Set up in 1986, Anglican Family Centre (formerly known as Singapore Anglican Community Services Family Care Centre) provides temporary and safe accommodation and supportive service to persons experiencing family violence, and to empower them with healing and hope to re-integrate into community.

The Centre is more than a shelter. It has multi-faceted programmes that look into the client’s psychological, social and financial needs. The Centre aims to rehabilitate and empower our clients, so that they will be able to choose a life for themselves and their children that is free of violence, fear and oppression. We assist in the emotional and psychological healing of the women and children, and prepare the women for violence-free lives once they leave the Centre. We also strive to equip each client with essential skills that will increase their confidence to succeed in their various roles and responsibilities.

Residential Care

Housing is available for up to 100 persons. Accommodation is available for single women, mothers and children.

Counselling and Social Work Intervention

We recognise that the root causes of our residents’ problems are complex, and that they need professional help. Our staffs are trained to provide counselling and case management services to our residents.

Employment Support

In line with our aim to re-integrate our residents into society, we offer supportive services to assist unemployed mothers in our care to secure part-time or full-time employment to achieve financial independence and stability.


CITY Community Services

CITY Community Services, operated by St Andrew’s Cathedral under the umbrella of the Singapore Anglican Community Services, serve students in the primary schools. We work in partnership with schools and parents to help develop the character and potential of each child.

CITY stands for “Character In The Young”. Our mission is to build good character in school children, and to show Christian love by providing practical assistance to those in need. CITY promotes the welfare of children, regardless of race, nationality, religion or moral character.

CITY seeks to serve the community by meeting the needs of disadvantaged primary school children, including international students who live and study in Singapore away from their families. CITY serves by running Befrienders Clubs in schools, guiding students in completing their school assignments, visiting children at home, organising excursions, conducting workshops and enrichment programmes, and befriending children who are in need of love and caring mentors.


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SACS provides psychiatric and senior services as well as services for special groups like disadvantage women, at risk children and seafarers. Click here and find out how to contact us and learn about our services.

News and Events Entries

  • 30 Nov

    SACS was presented the Charity Transparency Award 2018

  • 26 Nov


  • 31 Jul

    SACS-SAMH Charity Dinner 2018


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