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At Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS), our primary aim is to serve our clients needs and to provide them opportunities to train, learn and grow in skills and confidence. In line with this, social enterprises were developed to provide our clients with a means to earn an allowance, be trained in certain skills and to learn how to cope and adapt in a work environment.

In 2013, we brought the three enterprises; Something Old Something New (SOSN), Mother and Child Project (MnCP) and Members Own Social Enterprise and Services (MOSES), under one new department – Social Enterprises. For MnCP and MOSES, the clients are trained to create new items for sale while some are trained in retail work. Each time you buy one of our products, you are making a difference to the client who created that product as any profits made are ploughed back into the work of supporting our clients.

Through the Social Enterprises, some of our clients have become product designers and trainers whilst some have managed to raise families or support themselves.

Many individuals, schools and companies have volunteered with us and by doing so have enriched the lives of our clients.

We hope that as you browse our pages, you will shop for a cause and join us in bringing hope to our clients.

News and Events

  • 31 Jul

    SACS-SAMH Charity Dinner 2018

  • 20 Dec

    Renaming of Centres Under Singapore Anglican Community Services

  • 30 Aug

    Launch of Employee Assistance Programme (EAP+)


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