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We may not spend much time thinking about what we pay for a meal. But $10 a month can translate into $120 a year. With 100 people donating $10 a month, this could mean $12,000 a year.

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Singapore Anglican Community Services is strongly supported by a core group of volunteers. Some are professionals in various fields. They serve in the executive board, act as consultants or are committed in the various programmes that we have.

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Social Enterprises

At Singapore Anglican Community Services, our primary aim is to serve our clients needs and to provide them opportunities to train, learn and grow in skills and confidence. In line with this, social enterprises were developed to help our clients by providing them with a means to earn an allowance, be trained in certain skills and to learn how to cope and adapt in a work environment.

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News and Events

  • 31 Jul

    SACS-SAMH Charity Dinner 2018

  • 20 Dec

    Renaming of Centres Under Singapore Anglican Community Services

  • 30 Aug

    Launch of Employee Assistance Programme (EAP+)


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SACS provides psychiatric and senior services as well as services for special groups like disadvantage women, at risk children and seafarers. Click here and find out how to contact us and learn about our services.